Our vision

Our vision is to offer a friendly home for all of your domain names you have registered over time for these grand projects that probably never come alive. Because, you know, reality.

When I had finished setting up yet another domain name for a project idea I had I felt really frustrated. Why do I need to perform all these mundane tasks related to configuring DNS zones, Nginx virtual hosts, Let's Encrypt cert wrangling and adding yet another alias to my old (and thus free) GSuite account just to get a lousy "Coming soon" web page up? Couldn't I automate it instead? And this is how Project Pending was born.

Andris Reinman, a frustrated automator

Who is it for?

For people with bunch of domains, registered for future use but not just right now.

If you have a great project idea and, just in case, register a domain name for that future project, then you end up with a domain name that is not hosted anywhere. You can park it on your registrars' parking page – filled with ads and demeaning for the spirit of your great project. Or you can set up hosting yourself – which is fine if doing just once but tedious if done the 10th time.

Project Pending allows to set up minimal but modern setup in a few simple steps, so you have a basic web property up in no time. And not just for a single domain but for all of them as there are no limits how many domains your account can manage.

Can I use it for my business domain?

You probably shouldn't do it.

While in beta we can give no guarantees on uptime or performance.

Does it work?

Short answer – Yes.

Longer answer – yes it does! All you have to do is to sign up your project domain name here and then point the name servers for that domain to NS01.PENDINGDNS.COM and NS02.PENDINGDNS.COM and that's it!

You might need to wait until all DNS configurations propagate and Project Pending picks these changes up but this is already all automatic. You get a notification email once everything is set up.

Where's the catch?

Project Pending is not a real web hosting but a poor substitute.

This service is meant to be used to host properties that would never see the day otherwise. There's not much point in providing fabulous build pipelines or tens of CPU cores for a single website if no-one is actually going to show up to see it.

So Project Pending offers just the bare basics to get a simple site (or redirect to your main site) up after a domain is registered. You get DNS hosting, Let's Encrypt HTTPS certificate, a single web page that you can edit by hand and a single mailbox that aggregates all the email sent to your project addresses.

What's the price?


This service is offered free of charge during the beta period. Once beta is over there is going to be a paid tier that unlocks currently limited features. TBD.

We are able to provide this service free as the costs to run it are very low. This is achieved by using some serious web stack wrangling. Everything from DNS server to IMAP and HTTPS certificate handling is custom built and designed for performance from ground up.