Project Pending

DNS hosting for all these domain names developers register for their future projects.

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DNS Hosting

Turnkey solution to host and edit DNS records for all of your domains.

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HTTPS Homepage

Single HTML file for you to modify at will (example). Or point DNS records to Github Pages or Netlify or whatever.

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Email Account

Unified mailbox to cover all of your domains. Add as many email aliases as needed.

Use cases

  • "Coming Soon" landing page with embedded newsletter subscription form.
  • Redirect project domain to GitHub repo page.
  • "About this Project" page with a link to project repo.


  • Simple DNS editor. Supports common record types (including ANAME).
  • HTML landing page. Single index.html file per project. Edit using web interface.
  • Redirect option. Redirects both from HTTP and HTTPS.
  • Email account. One account for all domains and addresses, accessible via web interface.
  • Email fowarding. Can forward only to your own email address.
  • Dynamic DNS. A records can be updated with a curl request to use client's IP address. Example video.